Helping You return to Healthy and Unbroken

Have you ever considered counseling?  Counseling is a wonderful way to rediscover the very best part of yourself.  Sometimes the day to day grind of everyday life causes us to feel stuck.  Counseling can help free you and help you find joy in life again.

What issue(s) do you think cause most of your discomfort?

A.  Spouse/Significant Other
B.  Family (Kids, Siblings, In-Laws or Outlaws)
C.  Employment (Or lack of)
D.  Finances (Or lack of)
E.   Current Stressors
F.   Past Trauma and/or Memories
G.  Grief
H.  Worries About the Future
I.    Regrets About the Past
J.    Anxiety and/or Depression
K.   Substance Use/Abuse
L.    Can’t Quite Identify It – But Just Feel CRAPPY!
M.   All (or Most) of the Above.

Regardless of how you answer the question, you can find peace, happiness and contentment in your life. 

Everyone has times in life when the world seems to turn upside down and you can’t find right side up again.  We all have stressors and roadblocks, dead ends and detours.  Life changes happen that we don’t always welcome or want, but they happen anyway.  It can feel like a hurricane is happening with your thoughts, and you can’t find the answers.

Counseling can help.  Learning how to calm the storm in your head, tuning in to your own wisdom and moving to a peaceful, harmony with life is priceless.

The most important part of a counseling relationship is finding a therapist that you feel comfortable with, that is why I offer a free first session (taster session).  After that first session, you decide if it feels like a good fit and if you think our working together will benefit you.  If you do, then we plan how to work together in a way that best suits you.

I believe that people are meant to live happy and peaceful lives.  My job is to point you toward that natural part of yourself that is healthy and unbroken.  I can help you understand how you and others work psychologically, so that you are no longer a prisoner to your thoughts and feelings.

Individual Counseling Sessions: Remote or in-person sessions are available based on location and availability. Please contact me for additional information, availability and rates.


"I want you to know that meeting you and knowing you has changed my life.  You have that effect on people.  I hope you know that.

You believed in me and saw something in me before I knew it was there.  And you seeing it, helped me see it.  You believing in me helped me to believe in myself.  I will be forever grateful for this.  Truly.

The light you have is so bright it shines through the darkness others feel.  It is beautiful to watch.  I admire this in you and it inspires me to do the same.  Thank you for the amazing teaching Debbie."

Maggie R.

"It was my good fortune to meet and be trained by Debbie Trent in the 3 Principles. As a therapist of almost twenty years, I understood that I had a foundation, and was on a path to transform the way I approached helping people on a deeper, more meaningful level than the medical model of mental health provided. When I found myself struggling with the vernacular and trying to understand how to "incorporate" the principles into sessions, Debbie guided me, directed me, and allowed me to discover how the principles worked not only in the clinical setting, but in my personal life as well. 

I'll always remember her saying that in the substance use setting in which she was clinical director, we are able to see miracles occurring all of the time. She was absolutely correct! With her years of experience, guided by the principles, and personally knowing the man, Sydney Banks, who brought this basic understanding of psychology to the world, she has assisted in so many transformations, by counseling individuals and training professionals in the field. Through innate wisdom, compassion, and humor, she has shown myself and countless others the gem that lies inside, just waiting to be discovered!"

Carrie R. Nichols, LMHC

"I have been blessed to have begun both my professional and personal journey with Ms. Debbie Trent many years (18+) ago.  As I have often thought it was sometimes a wild ride!  Together, we were professionally tasked to search for a way to help addicted individuals and their communities in West Virginia.  We found, like Dorothy in Oz, the answer of innate health was inside of all of us all along.  As a professional event coordinator, I have arranged and attended many, many sessions offered by Ms. Trent throughout our home state of West Virginia.  Ms. Trent was a regular featured presenter in the Share the Vision statewide substance abuse prevention conference offered annually in the capital city of Charleston, WV.  Debbie’s professional presentation skills and her ability to engage audiences large and small is amazing.  So many times, with Debbie’s unique training approach, I have witnessed individuals experience an “ah ha” moment, that moment they realize they are healthy and whole.  The sincere and special compassion that Debbie brings to all training is priceless for individuals and/or organizations alike."

Randee Beyer