We understand how precious your time is. We value your time, too. As a result, we've designed lunch hour trainings to stimulate employee engagement and to augment more intensive trainings. We've found that offering bite sized trainings can give a group time to digest and integrate the material which can lead to sustainable change. Lunch & Learns tend to be less formal and more discussion based which can lead to more cohesion and fun. There are times when less is definitely more.



We teach how we all work psychologically as human beings. In our fun lunch and learn sessions, participants begin to understand how they and others view the world and how those views can be different without either person being "wrong". We explore things like stress, where it comes from, and how to stress less. Our goal is to help participants find more joy at home and at work. Happy people are more productive and effective.


We point people back to their innate wellbeing and happiness. Happy people are more creative, productive, resilient, motivated, and helpful. We help teams:

  1. Strenghten Teamwork and Cooperation
  2. Reduce Overall Stress
  3. Increase Morale
  4. Increase Performance
  5. Improve Job Satisfaction
  6. Lower Staff Turnover

How it works

Topics can be tailored specifically for your group or team ranging from a single to a series of lunch-and-learns. Prior to your training, we will interview participants to better prepare to meet your specific needs. Great teamwork occurs when members feel more connected to themselves and each other. 

Topic Examples

How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

How to Resolve Misunderstandings in the Workplace

How to Deal with Change Effectively

The Principles of Effective Teamwork

How to Handle Pressure at Work

How to Strengthen Your Inner Resilience

Improving Team Performance

Work Life Balance

Less Stress More Success