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Royal & Trent Associates is dedicated to raising awareness of individuals, teams and organizations. Maximum impact is realized as individuals achieve their full potential leading to enhanced organizational performance.  Trent & Royal bring a total of 50-years combined experience in transformative change. They recognize the importance of discovering the specific needs of organizations and developing a training program that addresses those precise needs. 


Disengagement is one of the largest issues affecting morale, efficiency, productivity, sustainable growth, customer intimacy, and profitability.

People don’t feel connected to their work, the organizations they work in, the people they work with, or even to themselves. This negatively impacts the profitability and wellbeing of the company.


Companies thrive when they develop their leaders, engage their teams, and raise the awareness of each individual.

Disengagement plummets, turnover declines, profits soar

Creating an environment that helps employees realize their potential personally as well as professionally, while moving the company towards its vision, will have a powerful impact on the felt sense of wellbeing of all AND on the financial bottom line.

The future of your organization and the potential of your employees are intertwined.

What Sets us Apart

The differentiating qualities that make Trent & Royal Associates unique in approach among business and leadership coaches:

  1. We are the thought partner that provides relevant new ideas, guidance, and permission to experiment and create.

  2. We have an innate ability to naturally relate to people. We do so in an authentic way that quickly builds psychological safety, trust, and confidence.

  3. We understand that sustainable change does not happen through tools and techniques alone. We teach an understanding about how the mind works based on new psychology and neuroscience, enabling you and your organization to create a strategic, desired, and lasting impact. The direction, quality, and sustainability of the impact is the return on your investment.

What We Offer


Team Development

Trent and Royal inspire and teach company teams how to actively engage, improve communication, increase trust, align with company vision, and become more productive, creating competitive advantage of monumental proportions. We begin with a needs assessment and create targeted trainings to specifically and strategically meet the identified needs. We understand that tools and techniques alone are not enough so all of our trainings include a roadmap for sustained improvement.


12-Month Immersive Program

Trent and Royal Associates spends a year working with senior level leaders and potential leaders promoting insights and providing tools to raise their awareness, realize their full potential, and inspire them to become highly engaged and effective leaders. Trainings are strategic and individually crafted. Our goal is to help your leaders become the best versions of themselves thereby creating a company that is more successful and profitable. Our trainings are not just constructive, they are memorable.  


Professional Coaching

Coaching is highly strategic and motivational, inspiring individuals to become the best versions of themselves and increase their leadership effectiveness. Trent & Royal’s coaching concentrates on the individual; helping them reach their full potential and achieve their goals. This leads to greater engagement personally and professionally, more contentment, and higher productivity on the job and at home. Individuals who become the best version of themselves perform better and are happier.


Retreats | Conferences | KeyNote

Trent & Royal Associate’s retreats, conferences and keynotes are inspirational, instructive, and transformative, tailored specifically for the needs of your company. Based on information we gather from you, we create a retreat, conference, or speech that is highly inspirational and motivational, leading to greater engagement, higher productivity, better performance, and greater wellbeing both professionally and personally.

Who We Are

Trent & Royal have 50 years of experience between them. Both have practiced as licensed psychotherapists and certified coaches in private practices and in company settings. They pull back the curtain on vision, passion, productivity, and profit.

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Debbie Trent, Ed.s

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Carla Royal, M.Ed.

Certified Master Coach