Debbie & Carla dared to dream Trent & Royal Associates into existence out of a compelling desire to help people realize their potential and companies to increase engagement and their bottomline. They have a deep desire to help people become engaged, productive, and successful in their personal and professional lives. They know of no better way to accomplish this than to help people raise their awareness, realize their potential, and enhance their performance. With 50 years of experience between them and backgrounds in training, therapy, and coaching, Trent & Royal are uniquely poised to deliver rich, strategic, and effective training and coaching.

Mission: To help businesses increase employee engagement and productivity by inspiring and educating individuals to increase their awareness and achieve their potential.




With a background in mental health counseling, and experience as the executive director of a non-profit organization, as well as clinical director of a for profit organization, and an independent business owner, I have had ample opportunity to see how the well-being of individual staff member effects the overall well-being of a business or organization. 

Businesses run best, and are most successful, when their staff works well together as a team, recognizes the vision of the organization, and feels that they are an important part of the process. The work that Carla and I do (and love to do) helps businesses and their staff to be mutually supportive, and in the process become the best they can be.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Qualified Supervisor Mental Health Counseling
Education Specialist Degree in Counseling
Master’s Degree in Counseling
Bachelor of Science in Social Work



Like many folks, I spent decades trying to figure out why I couldn’t live up to my potential. I struggled with an unhappiness I couldn’t quite shake even when things were going well. I had little thought of my dreams. I didn’t understand how a vision, clearly held, could pull me toward itself. Coming to know my true essence, understanding how this human system works, and getting crystal clear on my vision, transformed my life. This is why I love the work I do with clients and companies.

I have spent over 25 years studying, training, and working as a licensed psychotherapist and certified master coach.

I bring to my clients proven tools and understanding to help navigate this chaotic life leading to confidence, clarity, and inspiration personally and professionally.


Certified Integral Master Coach™ 2013-present
International Coach Federation Accredited
Certified Strategic Intervention Coach 2011-present
Licensed Professional Counselor 1990-2005
National Certified Counselor 1990-2005
Master of Eduction, Counseling 1990
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology 1982